Our Strategy

Offering slick swift approach

Our Strategy

From Idea to Digital Product

Phase 1 — Discover

We provide solutions based on your needs.

Got ideas but having a hard time executing it? We’ve got you covered! Swiftkind provides In-house development. We have a pool of talented Software Engineers ready to create, design, and develop your ideas into reality.

Need more workforce to develop and execute your ideas? The force is with us! Swiftkind is ready to support your workforce needs. You can outsource fully equipped Software Engineers from Swiftkind.

Phase 2 — Build

We get the job done swiftly. We breakdown and understand your needs into pieces to rapidly develop your ideas. We use Agile process, that is why constant interaction is guaranteed while building your masterpiece.

Phase 3 — Deploy

We deploy according to your preference.

Our Standpoint

We differentiate ourselves by being extremely attentive to our clients. Helping them in any way we can even if it doesn’t benefit us immediately. Because that’s what our clients are going to remember.

- Earvin Gemenez, CEO of Swiftkind

Our logo tells our story...

We are agile

We value small things that matter. We minimize the complex stuff to make things easier and workable in everything we do and every people we deal with.

Errors should not pass silently.

We value trust and Integrity is a must. We keep that by making sure things are extremely transparent.

Quality over quantity

Easier said than done but we rather be working with one or a few just to make sure we get things right.

Make it better, everyday.

It’s a cycle we always do. Everyday, there’s a room to learn something new and work for a lot better tomorrow.

Let’s talk about the future!

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