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Python (2.x & 3.x) / Django Framework / Restful APIs (DRF) / Angular JS (1.x,2 & 4) / JavaScript (ES5/ES6) / MySQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL Linux/Ubuntu (DO, AWS) /


Django Rest Framework / Linux/Ubuntu Servers / Nginx (uwsgi/gunicorn)


Ionic / AngularJS / Firebase / Titanium

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creative aces.

In a design-driven world, we carefully crafted design guidelines to deliver the desired message in a more effective and systematic manner.

Analysis & Strategy / Web & Mobile / Wireframes / Mockups / Prototypes / Responsive Design / E-commerce / Business Tools / Illustrations / UI/UX / Adobe Creative Suite / Sketch / Invisionapp / Zeplin / Just Everthing

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Talented People behind Swiftkind
Ralph Leyga

Co-Founder & CEO

Earvin Gemenez

Co-Founder & CFO

Manny Candidier

Co-Founder & CTO

Restie Antiquin

Design Consultant

Jerome Rumbaoa

Software Engineer

Sanny Candidier

Software Engineer

Kyle Sun

Software Engineer

Anton Sison

Software Engineer

Mae Mendez

Software Engineer

Shem Ipanag

Software Engineer

Kerstine Rondilla

Project Manager

Teressa Tan

Software Engineer

Melchi Aballe

Software Engineer

Jay Dango

Software Engineer

Our utmost priority is to suffice the needs and wants of our clients into building their ideas into reality. We want our clients to remember Swiftkind as a company that swiftly satisfies.

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We've been working with Swiftkind on a day-to-day basis for more than two years. They are working with us on mission-critical software that is being used by government agencies, healthcare organizations, and global enterprises with employees in every continent using our software. Swiftkind's developers strive for excellence in their work, and they have always been willing to step up, and they will work through issues until they are completely resolved. They've been willing to tackle complex migrations when on-boarding new customers, and their developers have always kept an open mind when approaching technical challenges. I am truly grateful for our partnership.


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